Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tukar kerja lagi???

Dear diary,
Tensionnye!!! Sakit kepala arini...Rasa penat sangat...setakat hari ni dah banyak kali sangat aku tukar2 kerja.rasanya dah 6 kali.kalo tukar lagi kali ni dah masuk yg ke tujuh.penat dgn hal kena tukar2 kerja2 ni.Aku nak stabilityyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Susah sgt ke nak dapat kat dunia ni. susah sgt ke nak naik gaji aku ni. susah sgt ke aku nak naik pangkat?????
Tired sgt rasa gusar, tired sgt rasa cam tak puas ati, tired sgt rasa cam hidup tak stabil.
Aku dah dioffer tempat kerja baru, dekat Menara Haw Par sbg Trainer. Kerja yg sama dioffer pada my x-colleague. My x-colleague tu dah accepted their offer n started working for few days.Then suddenly he sms me telling me that da company i'm supposed to join too next month is a lousy company. Ntahlah...die kata company tu tak structured lah,tak organized lah, boss tak mau pendapat staff langsung lah...tapi kat mana kita kerja sekali pon, even da old company sekali pon, the culture still like that jugak.

Tadi gi mkn dgn my officemate. She's well read person, although same age but somehow wiser interms of marriage or life in general.After talking to her I feel a bit relieved and comforted about my decision moving to this new company. She leave it to me but advise that maybe I should give it a shot. The wage that the new place is offering me is way higher than what i'm getting now..almost RM1000 the difference. From there, I can set a higher standard for myself in the future. After all, I've reached the age of 30 which other people are quite comfortable in getting their salary past the benchmark of RM3k. If I stay here, chances of moving up the ladder is very low so probably moving away is a good step.
I wish that it's my hubby who would comfort me with these words instead of my girlfriends. He's my soulmate but apparently he's not intune with my emotional needs..I got frustrated with him this morning. Hope that he would at least give me a boost of confidence or soothing words just by saying"...dun worry, things will be okay"but instead he just said in a way that he's not interested to know or simply couldn't care less..didn't even show any initiative to show that he's willing to dig more into this company's past/future background for my sake..i feel unappreciated.

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